Top Best Yogurts On A Keto Diet

Top Best Yogurts On A Keto Diet

Are you the one who is just surfing on the internet to find out the best ways and methods of losing weight? If yes, then your search end here because, in this article, you will get to know about the most remarkable diet plan that will let you lose weight in a bit tricky way.

Many of you might have heard the name of the Ketogenic diet or Keto diet. But for the readers who don’t know what exactly Keto diet is, you will get to know everything about this fantastic diet and the Top Keto Yogurts that you can have on a Keto diet. Yogurts are an essential element of Keto Diet Food that you must surely add to your list of must to have foods while on a Keto diet.

 Let’s start and see what the Keto diet is, the benefits of the Keto diet, the top Yogurts to have, and many more things!

What Is The Meaning Of Keto Diet And How Does It Works?

Keto Diet is often called a Ketogenic diet or a low carb diet. It is a low carbs diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. A Keto diet mainly focuses on intentionally shifting the body’s metabolism from glucose (carbohydrates) to Ketones (fats), basically, to put it on Ketosis. In the state of Ketosis, the cells in the body use Ketones (formed by breaking down fat cells) instead of glucose (formed from carbs or sugars) to extract energy for metabolism and bodily functions.

In a Ketogenic diet, you may expect to obtain your daily calorific intake requirements, i.e., energy for metabolism, primarily from proteins (15-25%) and fats (65-75%) instead of carbohydrates (5-10%) depending upon the requirement.

Our body has four storage depots of fuel that it can tap during caloric deficiency or when our body needs energy. The four storage depots are as follows:

  • Protein: It can be converted to glucose in the liver and used for energy
  • Carbohydrate: It is stored primarily as glycogen in the liver and muscle
  • Fat: It is stored primarily as body fat
  • Ketones: It is the fourth potential fuel which the liver can make from FFA 

Under the general dietary conditions, Ketones play a non-existent role in the process of energy production. However, in a Keto diet, Ketones play a larger role in the process of energy production. 

Working Of Keto Diet

The working or functioning of the Keto Diet is easy to understand. When you follow the Keto diet, your carbs intake will be limited to less than 5-10% of your total daily calorie intake. This will ultimately allow your body to enter into the state of Ketosis, during which your body will switch to using fats instead of carbs as a primary source of fuel and Ketones are produced in the liver.

The reduced carbs intake is made up by increasing the fat intake to around 80-90% of the calories, and the protein intake is moderate, approximately 20% of the calories. This is how the Keto diet will help you in your weight loss journey. 

Results Of Keto Diet

If you plan to follow the Keto diet or are already following it, you can expect the Keto weight loss results after 90 days or 3 months. After 90 days of the Ketogenic diet, you will surely see some significant weight loss results by dropping as much as 30lbs of fat in 90 days, though the results can vary depending upon your body type.

This was all about the popular Keto diet, along with its working and results. Now, let’s go a bit back and look at the history of the Keto diet.

History Of Keto Diet

With most people relying on the Keto diet for weight loss or improving their health, the eating strategy of the Ketogenic diet originated as a treatment for epilepsy in children and adults. The whole research story begins with the first and foremost study of fasting and its role in epilepsy, which took place in 1911 in France.

At the same time, an American osteopathic physician named Hugh Conklin also recommended fasting to the epileptic patients to help them in getting their seizures under control. The study found that the epilepsy patients, who consumed low carb diet combined with fasting, experienced fewer seizures and fewer adverse health effects. And this is from where; the popular Ketogenic diet or a low carb diet came into existence.

Why Is Keto Diet So Popular?

You might have heard of many people following the Keto diet. People are just going crazy about the low carb lifestyle. But why exactly, the Keto diet is gaining so much popularity? The reasons are pretty obvious.

The Ketogenic diet helps thousands of people lose their weight and get in shape in time that other diets would have taken years to do. Along with the weight loss issue, the Ketogenic diet solves various other problems of the people and provides them with various other skin and hair benefits as well.

Various research on the Keto diet proved that the body has evolved to process fats much better than processing the carbs. This means that the low carb and the high healthy fat diet is much more suitable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the low carb diet or Keto diet is gaining more acceptance by each passing day, making it popular.

Pros And Cons Of A Keto Diet

Other than weight loss, the well known Keto diet will offer you many other pros that will surely make you follow this healthy diet plan. And along with pros, it has a few cons, but they do not matter much in front of the amazing pros it offers.


  • Helps in losing weight
  • Improves cognitive functioning
  • Slow various cancers
  • Reduce inflammation caused by high blood sugar
  • Helps to kick the sugar habit
  • Increase female fertility
  • Improved bipolar symptoms
  • Epilepsy seizure reduction in children and adults


  • Most initial weight loss is water
  • The long term research is limited
  • Keto Diet may trigger brain fog
  • Might cause digestive distress

Yogurts: Essential Keto Diet Food

Yogurt is a healthy and high protein food; one of the essential elements you must surely add to your Keto diet. Yogurt can sometimes be useful to eat, and sometimes it’s not right, and it’s even harder to know what kind of Yogurt to eat.

Yogurt contains carbs but still can be included in a Ketogenic dietary plan. According to the research, the Yogurt has been shown to help decrease appetite, and it also promotes the feeling of fullness that makes you eat less. If you are confused about whether you can eat Yogurt on a Keto diet or not, then the answer to this question is absolutely yes. As long as you are eating the right kind and the correct amount of serving, Yogurt will continue to offer various benefits in your Ketogenic diet.

Best Practices For Choosing Keto Yogurt

Best Practices For Choosing Keto Yogurt
Image: Pexels

The best practice of choosing Yogurt for Keto Diet Food is to choose the Unflavored Greek Yogurt. Let’s tell you why?

The Greek yogurt is strained three times so that the liquid whey remaining in the mixture of bacteria and milk is removed, thus making the Greek Yogurt so thick. Generally, it is a concentrated yogurt which is higher in proteins. The Greek yogurts are also lower in carbs, as while draining the liquid whey away, the more lactose is also removed, which is the rich source of carbs in Yogurts.

Apart from the above process, what makes Greek Yogurt the best is that the Greek Yogurt is less likely to contain milk powder or any other additives than other kinds of non-fat or low-fat alternatives of yogurts.

How To Pick Up The Best Yogurt For you?

There are different varieties of Yogurts that you will find in the market, but not each one of them will be satisfactory and suitable for you if you are on a Ketogenic diet. Below are the essential tips that you must keep in mind while choosing the right Yogurt for yourself.

You Must Purchase:

  • Sugar-free or the unsweetened Yogurt or the one exclusively sweetened with Keto friendly sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia.
  • Traditionally or naturally fermented Yogurt, the carb content in such yogurts which be much less than the mass-produced factory yogurts
  • Icelandic or Greek yogurts, if available, for the higher content of proteins in it
  • The Yogurt with the highest content of fat as compared to other brands
  • Organic or grass-fed Yogurt if available.
  • The Yogurt with less lactose or whey content

Why Can You Have Yogurt On Keto Diet?

If you are searching out for the reasons that make Yogurt an essential element of your Keto Diet Food, below mentioned are some of the benefits offered by yogurts:

  • Yogurts decrease the appetite
  • It makes you feel full
  • It is a good source of protein
  • The bacteria found in Yogurt nurtures healthy gut
  • Rich source of vitamin and minerals

Best 5 Yogurts On A Keto Diet

There are many yogurt brands available in the market that promise to deliver the best results in your Ketogenic diet, but not all of them are worth buying. There is no need to worry because we have listed the top and the 5 best yogurts that you can have on a Keto diet without giving a second thought.

The Top Keto Yogurts are as follows:

  • Chobani Full Fat Greek Yogurt: The Chobani full-fat Greek yogurt is made up of whole milk and is triply strained to make it as thick and creamy as possible. This is a vegan-friendly yogurt that is free from any sort of artificial preservatives and sweeteners, gluten-free, and is made from non-GMO ingredients only. So, if you are mildly lactose intolerant, then this Yogurt will be perfect for you as it contains less than 5% of lactose content in it.
Image: Instacart

               Why ChobaniOpens in a new tab.?

  • High in protein
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Ingredients are Non-GMO
  • Plain flavors have no added sugars
  • Each container is made with live probiotics
  • Oikos Triple Zero: With no fat, the Oikos Triple Zero yogurt contains 15 grams of protein on each cup. This Yogurt is perfect for you if you are bored with the plain ones, and you want something more convenient and quicker than adding your own toppings. This Yogurt comes in various delicious flavors like cherry, orange crème, coffee, strawberry, etc. There are no added artificial sugars or flavors in it, and this Yogurt is sweetened with stevia.
Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt
Image: Kroger

               Why Oikos Triple ZeroOpens in a new tab.?

  • No added sugars
  • No fat
  • No added artificial sweeteners
  • Variety of delicious flavors
  • Added chicory root fiber
  • White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt: This popular Yogurt is made from milk and live cultures. This Yogurt is similar to the Greek yogurt but slightly more under the radar. White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt is lactose-intolerance friendly and is high in probiotics. This Yogurt comes in various varieties like Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt, Non-fat milk Bulgarian Yogurt, and Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. It also offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product after using it.
White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt
Image: Instacart

               Why Bulgarian YogurtOpens in a new tab.?

  • Lactose intolerance friendly
  • 90 billion probiotics in each serving
  • Improves gut health
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Available in various varieties
  • Plain Cabot Greek: It is a thick and creamy yogurt that forms the perfect base for flavoring. It includes cream, pasteurized milk, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrates, and live active cultures. This Yogurt can also be used in dips and cooking. It provides an easy and delicious way to add proteins and other essential nutrients in your keto diet.
Plain Cabot Greek Yogurt
Image: Instacart

               Why Plain Cabot GreekOpens in a new tab.?

  • Contains more protein
  • Lower in sugar
  • Low lactose content
  • Minimizes hunger pangs
  • Boosts up the metabolism
  • Fage Total: Last but not least, Fage Total is one of the top yogurts you can have on your Keto diet. The rich, creamy, tart, and the plain flavor of this Yogurt makes it an excellent base for vanilla extract, berries, and for all other toppings you want to add. The Fage Yogurts are impressively rich in proteins as well. It is a helping hand in the kitchen, and due to its thick and creamy texture, it can easily replace high-calorie food items such as cream, mayonnaise, etc.
Fage Total Yogurt
Image: Sainsbury’s

               Why Fage TotalOpens in a new tab.?

  • Totally strained Yogurt
  • Low-calorie count
  • The high concentration of raw ingredients
  • Packed with powerful protein
  • It is versatile


Here you come to an end of the article on the Top Keto Yogurts you can have in your Ketogenic diet. From breakfast to dessert, all the above top-listed yogurts will surely be helpful in your Ketogenic diet that will also taste great at any time of the day. Adding a Yogurt in your Keto diet food will give you amazing results by controlling your appetite and keeping your stomach feel full throughout the day. But keep in mind, the Keto diet may take around 90 days to show the actual results.

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