15 Reasons Why You Must Have Greek Yogurt In A Healthy Diet

15 Reasons Why You Must Have Greek Yogurt In A Healthy Diet (Final)

Greek yogurt, the nutrient powerhouse packed with proteins and several other vitamins and minerals, is what you are missing out on! Yes! The Greek yogurt is the perfect addition to your breakfast or dinner and is the right choice for your mid-day snack.

YogurtOpens in a new tab. is a much-loved food item on the breakfast table. However, some people try to avoid it due to its watery consistency and the higher amount of fat present in it. So, are you a health-conscious or a selective person when it comes to eating traditional foods? Add Greek yogurt into your diet as it is full of health benefits and tastes better than the regular yogurt.

Adding Greek yogurt to your daily life is a decision that you won’t regret!

Let’s make the differences between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt crystal clear for you!

Regular yogurt is the result of heating milk to a specific temperature and then cooling it down to add well-defined bacteria to produce lactic acid. The combination of milk and acid is the basic method.

On the other hand, Greek yogurt production requires a further step to give it the thick texture that it is known for. Regular yogurt is strained to remove whey, lactose, and liquid from it. This also removes extra fat and sugar, making Greek yogurt a healthier choice for you. The thicker consistency and tart-like creamier taste make it irresistible!

This article talks about Greek yogurt’s health benefits and uses, giving a detailed description of its nutrient content. Moreover, it also discusses remedies for your skin or hair problems. There is also no need to worry or stress over your blood pressure or diabetes anymore because Greek yogurt will be your ultimate solution!

why Greek yogurt in a healthy diet

 Just keep reading to know why you must have Greek yogurt in a healthy diet!

The Health Benefits of Greek yogurt

From having numerous health benefitsOpens in a new tab. to being a delicious snack, Greek yogurt is a complete package!

If you keep on snacking throughout the day and are worried about gaining weight or eating unnecessary sugars, then Greek yogurt is undoubtedly the best solution for you. It proves to be a nutritious snack that keeps you fuller for longer!

It is loaded with protein, calcium, iodine, and probiotics that make your immunity stronger and your body healthier. Moreover, it works as a quick snack full of energy after a tiring workout. It improves the functioning of all the body organs such as the heart and brain. It not only strengthens and nourishes your hair but also helps to fight acne!

All those worried about gaining weight, yes, you have come to the right place because Greek yogurt leads to weight loss!

Most importantly, improve your mental health by consuming Greek yogurt because this wonderful yogurt is full of probiotics that help to reduce stress and anxiety.

For more details, keep on scrolling!

1. Calcium

Greek yogurt is enriched with calcium

The fact that your body doesn’t produce calcium on its own leaves us looking for the best sources of calcium. Let us tell you Greek yogurt is definitely the one!

Calcium helps your organs to function properly. Calcium plays a vital and crucial role in building your muscles and strengthening your bones. Without calcium, your body organs, muscles, and bones can experience quick deterioration. Calcium deficiency in adults leads to osteoporosis and calcium deficiency in children limits their ability to grow taller.

One-cup serving size of Greek yogurt provides you with 18.7% of your daily calcium requirement.

Along with all the other health benefits, the amount of calcium in Greek yogurt contributes to limiting fat production. That, in turn, leads to weight loss! From infants to teenagers to adults to elders, Greek yogurt is safe to consume and beneficial for all of them. The children or elders who have trouble in chewing can easily consume the rich and creamy Greek yogurt anytime, anywhere!

2. Packed with Probiotics

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics that ensure the smooth and healthy working of the intestines and strengthen the immune system. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help to reduce stomach issues by keeping your defense against harmful bacteria stronger.

There are trillions of bacteria in your digestive system alone, and they are impacted by the food you eat. So foods rich in probiotics, just like Greek yogurt, are essential in everyone’s diet.  A healthy digestive system means a healthy and nourished body!

Healthy levels of probiotics positively affect the brain and are proved to reduce the stress and sadness of an individual. What a wonderful treat the Greek yogurt is!

3. Full of Iodine

Again, a human body doesn’t produce iodine on its own. So you need to eat iodine-rich foods to ensure the proper functioning of body organs along with a healthy metabolism. Proper thyroid functioning requires the right amount of iodine that then leads to a healthy metabolism.

These days, people have become more iodine deficient, making their thyroid activity and metabolism slower, leading to weight gain. Probiotics also do wonders for your digestive system!

Just a little serving of Greek yogurt can ensure a mentally and physically fit life! 

4. Rich in Protein

Making Your Own Homemade Yogurt vs. Store Bought

Protein is undoubtedly a vital nutrient needed by the body. A human body uses protein to build:

  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Cartilage
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Blood

As listed, protein is needed to build not just some parts but literally the whole body! So why not take a rich protein diet like Greek yogurt, especially if you don’t like to eat meat or are avoiding it.

The amount of proteins present in Greek yogurt is much more than regular milk. Protein is vital because it is the nutrient that helps to transfer oxygen throughout the cell membranes. A higher amount of protein means a more robust immune system and healthy nerves.

As you age, you need more proteins to keep your skin in shape and to defend yourselves against various illnesses. Maintaining muscle mass is also important as you reach the age of fifty. All the gym lovers, yes, this will be your favorite go-to snack because this rich in Greek protein yogurt is light and healthy and the best for gaining muscle mass.

A 200-gram serving of Greek yogurt is enough to provide you 30% of your daily protein requirement.

Head over to your nearest stores because this rich in nutrients yogurt is not worth missing.

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5. Lowering Cholesterol

Say goodbye to all your worries about deposited fat or increased cholesterol. Greek yogurt is the best solution for you!

Cholesterol is a waxy substance, and a healthy amount is needed by our bodies to thrive. It is vital to develop healthy cells. But as you know, a surplus of everything is terrible. A higher amount of cholesterol consumption can lead to many health problems such as blockage of veins and arteries and many heart diseases as soon as fatty deposits began to settle in your cells.

Consuming regular yogurt is also linked to higher cholesterol and blood pressure level. However, the active bacteria present in Greek yogurt tends to absorb cholesterol, maintaining lower cholesterol levels.

So, if you have a history of fluctuating cholesterol levels or are trying to prevent high cholesterol levels, Greek yogurt is one of the best options for you! It will keep you healthy and fit.

6. A Workout Recovery Food

Greek yogurt is great post workout recovery

Who doesn’t crave for a healthy yet fulfilling treat after an intense workout? A treat full of proteins and probiotics that restores your energy repairs the damage to muscles and bones and makes you active again.

Try a nutrient-rich, convenient, go-to snack. Try the Greek yogurtOpens in a new tab. that will instantly fuel your body with all the vitamins and minerals! The thick cream consistency will serve as a delicious snack, along with keeping you fuller for longer. You can experiment with it and mix the Greek yogurt with other nutrient-rich fruits such as the berries or bananas.

Various studies and experiments have proven that the ones who ate Greek yogurt after exercise gained healthier muscle mass and more robust muscles than those who consumed a carbohydrate pudding with no proteins. It is the fermentation that makes it easier for the digestive system to digest these proteins. It is also proven to shed extra fat quickly with Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt’s benefits are underrated, but now that you know how good it is for you, we are sure that you certainly won’t forget it after your workout sessions!

7. Soothing properties for sunburn

If you had too much fun in the sun, the sun overdid your skin, leaving you pain with no immediate remedies at home. You might be wrong because aloe vera is not the only instant remedy for sunburn.  Yogurt is a milk product and thus has lactic acid in it. Lactic acid works as an excellent exfoliant. By peeling off the topmost layer of the skin, it helps to ease the pain, irritation, and redness caused by sunburn.

Not just any ordinary yogurt, but try the Greek yogurt because it is undoubtedly the best choice to soothe sunburns!

The fact that the Greek yogurt has been strained more times than the regular yogurt makes it thicker in consistency and better in soothing lactic acid. The high amount of probiotics present in Greek yogurt also makes it beneficial to reduce skin sensitivity and redness. 

For best results, apply Greek yogurt over the affected area and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with cold water afterward. Keep repeating for a few days until it’s all better!

8. Does your hair wonders

Greek yogurt Does your hair wonders

Are you tired of your dry and itchy scalp? Is dandruff becoming a nightmare for you? It looks like you haven’t heard of the Greek yogurt that does wonders for your hair!

Greek yogurt is full of enzymes that help to prevent itchiness and fight dandruff. It is a natural exfoliator, so it also works well to remove dead skin and oil from your scalp. For best results, mix ¼ cup of Greek yogurt with jojoba oil, apply it onto your hair, and massage it into your scalp. Wait for 25- 35 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. There you go, clear itch-free scalp.

Moreover, regular consumption of Greek yogurt automatically makes your hair and nails stronger due to the high protein content. But if you want shinier hair, go for applying the Greek yogurt mixture onto your hair once or twice a week. For that, mix two tablespoons of Greek yogurt with 1/d tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey.  Massage it onto your hair strands and wash after 15-20 minutes.

Who knew that having softer, shinier, and silkier hair was this easy and affordable!

9. Gives your skin detox and helps fight acne

No, we aren’t done with the wonders of Greek yogurt yet because its benefits are not limited!

Greek yogurt is rich in healthy fats and lactic acid, which helps cleanse and rejuvenate your skinOpens in a new tab. to give it a radiant glow.  For a quick face mask, take four tablespoons of cold Greek yogurt and add a probiotic capsule if available easily. Apply it onto your face with a cotton ball or a cotton swab. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water and experience the thoroughly nourished skin with a squeaky clean look. This quick detox is what your skin deserves!

The fact that Greek yogurt actively fights acne is a much-loved one. Millions of people have to experience acne while feeling insecure about it. No more! Try applying the Greek yogurt onto your face if only consuming it is not doing the job. Get the best results by leaving the yogurt on your face overnight. Washing it off in the morning will instantly make you notice a huge difference.

Reduced redness, minimized bumps and a clearer healthy and glowing skin, what else do we all wish for our skin?

10. Weight Loss

greek yogurt promotes Weight Loss

With fewer calories and lesser sugar, Greek yogurt is a perfect addition to your daily diet, especially if your goal is losing weight!

Believe it or not, all the nutrients present in the Greek yogurt will help you lose weight while keeping you fit and active. The high amount of protein offers many benefits when losing weight. For example, the protein works efficiently and helps in hunger control and an increase in your calorie-burning power.

Moreover, calcium is also responsible for weight loss. Being a dairy product, yogurt already has a significant amount of calcium, but a Greek yogurt increases the calcium content in your body substantially. As per the expert’s research, calcium also plays a vital role in weight loss and is recommended for a weight loss diet.

So gear up for a perfect weight loss journey!

11. Strengthens Your Heart

Greek Yogurt Strengthens Your Heart

Calcium, proteins, and probiotics, it’s all there in the Greek yogurt! These vital nutrients are somehow enough to fight off many diseases that could weaken your heart!

But thanks to the Greek yogurt that maintains your cholesterol levels and is linked to having healthy blood pressure. All good for the health of your heart! Lower cholesterol means that you are not vulnerable to blocked arteries or heart diseases. Various studies prove that yogurt eating individuals have a higher amount of zinc, potassium, magnesium, vitaminB2, vitamin B12, and other micronutrients.

Along with all these vital nutrients, incorporating Greek yogurt into your diet has the same effects as eating healthy food full of fruits and vegetables. This diet leads to weight loss in the long term. Your heart stays fit when you weigh less because then your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to carry out its tasks and nourish your body. Lower body weight is directly related to lower chances of heart diseases.

Research done by the scientists at Boston University proved that eating fermented dairy products keeps you healthy and active and aids your cardiovascular health. The variety of probiotics in Greek yogurt boosts gut health and maintains thriving blood pressure. All these nutrients lead to further strengthening your heart.

A healthy heart means a healthy body!

12. Improves Digestive Health

Talking about the digestive system, it is crucial to know the role of probiotics in it. As learned before, there are trillions of bacteria in your digestive system alone. Everything you eat directly affects these bacteria, so it is vital to consume probiotic-rich foods like Greek yogurt.

The digestive powers of probiotics are automatically added to your body once you incorporate Greek yogurt into your diet for a healthier lifestyle. Probiotics are the good bacteria that balance out the harmful bacteria in your digestive system. They help to digest food easily. The friendly bacteria also help with several digestive health issues.

Probiotics are anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory. They boost your digestive system so that it can fight off the harmful bacteria with more power.

13. Improves Brain Functioning

Image: Medical Xpress

The brain works hard day and night, so it needs a nutrient-rich diet to keep it working smoothly without getting exhausted quickly.

Among many vitamins and minerals, VitaminB12 is one of the essential nutrients for the wellbeing of your brain and nervous system. Greek yogurt contains a significant amount of Vitamin B12, which is only found in animal products. About 13% of your daily recommended value of this vitamin is fulfilled by only a 100-gram serving of the Greek yogurt.

It is vital for your brain and nervous system and helps reproduce cells in your body. Hence, Greek yogurt is an incredible diet for your mind!

14. Improves Bone Health

greek yogurt Improves Bone Health

Do you know that a bowl of Greek yogurt contains more calcium than a glass of regular milk?

Yes! All yogurts are rich in calcium, but the thoroughly strained Greek yogurt tops the chart due to its much higher calcium content. As we all know, calcium enables our bodies to build and sustain stronger bones and teeth. It not only improves our bone strength but also allows our cells, heart, and nervous system to work efficiently.

As children are in the age of growing, they also need more calcium for stronger bones, taller height, and lesser risk of osteoporosis in the future.  A healthy and yummy snack is what you and your children exactly need!

15. Helps fight Diabetes

Yogurt tends to be the only dairy product that is beneficial for type 2 diabetic patients. In contrast, milk and other products are not helpful due to their sugar content.

However, Greek yogurt, being strained a couple of times more than regular yogurt, is more refined and thicker in consistency and has a tart-like creamy taste. It has a higher protein content, along with fewer carbs and sugars. A better taste with lesser sugar? It’s definitely a dream come true for the people who want to fight diabetes!

Greek yogurt can keep you fuller for longer. It can also be proven to be beneficial for diabetic people as the protein content keeps them away from unnecessary snacking. This healthy diet will also reduce the risk of them eating high sugar content that may become a severe problem.

Mix up the Greek yogurt with dry fruits such as walnuts or almonds and enjoy your mid-day snack to the fullest!


The countless benefits of Greek yogurt are enough to persuade you to add it to your diet! It works as a remedy for numerous problems and does wonder for your physical and mental health. It is not only a great snack for any time of the day but will also pump you with energy after your tiring job or workout. Don’t forget to pick up the best quality Greek yogurt once you walk in the supermarket next time!

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