Greek Yogurt: Everything You Need To Know

Greek Yogurt Everything You Need To Know

Are you tired of following a tedious diet routine? Or, do you like to experiment with your diet by adding different types of food to it? If you are thinking about trying something unique and healthy, you should consider Greek yogurt!

You probably haven’t heard about this type of yogurt till now, and that’s not your fault. Greek yogurt does not seem to have the fame it deserves. Don’t worry, as this article includes all the details you need to know about this incredible yogurt.

Do you think Greek yogurt is only made and used in Greece? Well, you do not have to belong to a specific region to enjoy this tasty item! Nowadays, it is easily found anywhere in the world.

Are you a vegetarian wanting to know about Greek yogurt? If yes, you need to be slightly careful if you are buying from a supermarket as some companies use gelatin in yogurt, which might not be vegetarian.

But, no need to worry as this can easily be avoided by reading the ingredients list on the back of any food item!

Are you wondering if Greek yogurt is only healthy and will not taste as good? We do not know about your food preferences, but if you are a fan of regular yogurt, then you are in for a massive treat!

You might think that with that fancy name, it must be expensive. Yes, it is almost twice the price of regular yogurt, but that’s not an issue.

Greek yogurt can be made at home, too, which is a great attraction for someone looking to include it in their diet.

Greek Yogurt

By now, you must be having a lot of questions regarding this food item. Good news for you then! This article will try and answer all your questions and tell you all the things you need to know about this type of yogurt!

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This was perhaps the first question that popped up in your head when you heard about Greek yogurt.  It is yogurt, which has most of its whey strained out.

Don’t know about what ‘whey’ is? Whey is the liquid that is left behind after milk has been curdled/strained.

The primary difference between regular yogurt and GreOpens in a new tab.eOpens in a new tab.k yogurtOpens in a new tab. is that regular yogurt is strained two times. On the other hand, Greek Yogurt is strained three times, almost completely removing the whey from the yogurt.

This straining difference is seen in the fact that Greek Yogurt has a thicker consistency and more prominent flavors than regular yogurt.

As the Greek yogurt is thicker, it contains more proteins than regular yogurt. However, it contains a lesser amount of carbohydrates, sodium, and calcium. This is because of the straining off of the whey, which is rich in these nutrients.

Interestingly, the straining difference can also be understood by the fact that one cup of milk is used up in making regular yogurt but, to make Greek yogurt, you need to have 4 cups of milk!


One is always curious to know how their favorite items are made. In the case of Greek yogurt, you do not need to wait until your supermarket has it.

That is because the process of making Greek yogurt at home is relatively simple.

You can make it at home by following the steps below:


Heat milk to make greek yogurt

First of all, you need to heat some milk to approximately 85 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to almost 185 degrees Fahrenheit. For the yogurt to have ideal texture and consistency, this step must be followed carefully.


Pour the milk in a container and let it cool down to almost 45 degrees Celsius. After this, take half a cup of the same milk and mix it with regular yogurt. After mixing, add the mixture back to the original container of milk.

Cover the container and let it rest in a warm place. You can also warm it by putting a moist warm towel around it. Resting it will make it thick, and its flavour will slowly attain a tangy touch. Do this for at least eight hours.

Then, refrigerate to thicken the yogurt further.


This is the final step before you get the final product. To strain, you need a mesh sieve and two cheesecloths. Then, you have put the mesh sieve and the cheesecloths over a large bowl. Pour the yogurt over the cloth and store it into the refrigerator.

Check every few hours to get your desired thickness.


Health Greek yogurt with toppings

To get a heavenly experience, you may top your yogurt with your favourite toppingsOpens in a new tab. like fruits or dried fruits like walnuts, etc.

Your Greek yogurt is ready to enjoy!

Greek yogurt indeed gets its thickness through straining, but that might not be the case with factory manufactured Greek yogurt. Yet, some brands use thickening agents like corn starch to achieve this feature.

Other than this, some companies may also use protein-enhancing agents for a more rich texture. There is no need to worry if you purchase Greek yogurt from the market as these things are completely normal.

But it must be noted that using specific agents to get the required quality of yogurt hamper the complete essence of Greek yogurt and is not recommended!


These are eight ways you could incorporate Greek yogurt into your diet:


If you are a Mac ‘n’ Cheese addict coupled with a love for Greek yogurt, you are in for a dreamy experience. Using Greek yogurt in this dish will make it even creamier. So, this is a must-try for you!


It is not necessary to use this divine yogurt in savoury dishes only. All you have to do is stuff Greek yogurt into your cupcakes. This will make the cupcakes very fluffy and hard to resist.

You can always add your desired frosting to make the experience even better!



Are you tired of a regular cheesecake? Try eating a cheesecake made from Greek yogurt. You can always add syrup to elevate the status of your cheesecake!


If you are looking to use the yogurt in a healthy way, here is one way to do that. Traditionally, mayonnaise is used in egg salads. However, you can always replace that with Greek yogurt. This experiment will not disappoint you!


This is another healthy dish for all the fitness conscious people out there. All you got to do is take your favorite fruits, chop them up, and add Greek yoghurt to them, and your fruit salad will be ready to enjoy!


You probably go out with your friends and family to have some frozen yogurt. Well, you just found a way to end that hustle.

You can add slight flavorings to Greek yogurt and freeze it. You can do this in any shape or size. Then, you can enjoy your favorite flavored frozen Greek yogurt made in little time!


Now, who doesn’t like a bowl of fresh creamy tomato soupOpens in a new tab. on a chilly night? It can act as a substitute for heavy cream. In this way, the soup becomes healthier and even more delicious!



Just add a little seasoning as per your taste, and you’re done! Your dip is ready to be used alongside some sizzling hot fries or any other snack.

You can even store the dip in an airtight jar for future use.


Other than its fantastic taste, Greek yogurt has more to it. Although this type of yogurt has more calories than regular yogurt, it also possesses some health benefits.

Due to its richness in protein and calcium, this yogurt can prove to be the right solution for weak bones. Other than this, being protein-rich, it can significantly reduce your appetite, making it a good snack for people aiming for weight loss.

Other health benefits of Greek yoghurt include better metabolism, better mental health, and it also proves to be beneficial if you’re looking to build muscles.

Furthermore, it is also ideal for people with blood pressure issues. Moreover, using this yogurt can also reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, according to recent research.  


So, if you are looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle without having to leave all the rich foods you crave, Greek yogurt is an excellent option for you!

Coupled with its various health benefits, it can sneak into your diet comfortably without having to go through any troubles. You can improvise any of your favorite dishes by using this type of yogurt into it.

Savory, sweet, you name it, and Greek yogurt will do the job. Hence, it is a great way to restructure your diet!

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